Food and Fellowship

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by Joyce Yao I had the honor of following Ms. Odessa Wilson through the process of making chicken and dumplings, a staple of her family’s holiday traditions. She shared with me the stories of her Northside upbringing and love for … Continued


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This blog piece focuses on resisting the forces that are reducing affordable housing units in the neighborhoods of Northside and Pine Knolls. It features one neighbors’ story about how she came to give back to the community she grew up … Continued

Listening to Our Elders

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  At the core of the Jackson Center’s education work is the Community Mentor Team. These Northside and Pine Knolls elders are the best sources for local African-American history and the best communicators of that history to young people, most … Continued

Not Silent, But Unheard

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My grandmother and I have never had a conversation. Not because she isn’t alive⁠—she very much is, and lives nestled in the foothills of Belagavi, Karnataka, India, some 3000 miles away. My grandmother, Parvati Patil, is 79 years old. She … Continued

Remembering Ms. Velma Perry: A Tribute

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The Jackson Center’s motto is without the past, you have no future.  Ms. Velma embodied this more than almost anybody I’ve ever met.  In fact, I’ll never forget my first town council meeting with Ms. Velma (which I should note … Continued