The Northside Neighborhood Initiative is a broad-based partnership effort to control the dirt in Northside, have neighbors determine the future of properties, and preserve the future of this diverse, family-friendly neighborhood. The Northside Neighborhood Initiative officially launched in 2015 in conjunction with a $3 million, no-interest, 10-year loan from UNC-Chapel Hill to fund the Northside Landbank. The Landbank enables the acquisition and resale of properties in Northside, helping to stop investor encroachment and facilitating the transition of homes to families moving into Northside.

The Northside Neighborhood Initiative builds on a long history of creative and courageous leadership among Northside residents. It advances ongoing efforts of nonprofit organizations, such as EmPOWERment, Inc., Habitat for Humanity, and the Community Home Trust, that have worked together for years to promote and build affordable housing and to conserve the unique strengths of the neighborhood. The Northside Neighborhood Initiative pursues a shared vision for the historic Northside Neighborhood: a family-friendly, multi-generational community that balances the needs of long-term residents, new owners, renters, and students.

Thanks to the leadership of Northside neighbors and the collaboration and support of dozens of partners, the Northside Neighborhood Initiative strategies and our community land bank are working to bend the market towards justice. We employ a multifaceted approach to preserve the future of Northside:


Property Tax Mitigation

Northside neighbors face rapidly increasing property taxes and disproportionate impacts of property revaluations. The Jackson Center offers small grants to help offset the rise in taxes from development pressures for long-term Northside neighbors. The Jackson Center also advocates for Orange County to offer property tax mitigation support.
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Home Repairs

The Promise of Home Program helps elderly neighbors stay safe and rooted in our communities by providing quality home rehabilitation by local contractors and committed community organizations. We partner with Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together, Self-Help, and a host of volunteers to ensure homes of great pride stay safe, affordable, accessible, and beautiful.
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Keeping Your House a Home Workshops

Keeping Your House a Home is an interactive workshop developed by neighborhood leaders, attorneys, and housing counselors. In these workshops, we discuss the importance of proactive home maintenance and teach home repairs. We also discuss the importance of financial planning and share information about property tax and home repair support.
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308 Lindsay Project

The Jackson Center is converting the home at 308 Lindsay Street to be a center that supports elders in Northside to safely and affordably age in their community. 308 Lindsay will be an elder daycare and host other initiatives to help people age in place in Northside. This is a developing project.
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Wills Clinics

The Jackson Center partners with legal organizations and local attorneys to connect residents to pro-bono legal services and provide wills drafting clinics free of cost to qualifying residents. In wills clinics, local residents update or complete end-of-life documents to preserve the future of properties and distinguish other important wishes for their future.
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Northside Landbank

The Landbank began with a $3 million, no-interest loan from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2015. The Jackson Center partners with Durham-based nonprofit community developer Self-Help to lead the acquisition and resale of properties in Northside. Following the direction of the Northside Compass Group, the Landbank helps stop investor encroachment in Northside.


First-Time Home Ownership Workshops

In workshops geared toward would-be first-time home owners, we demystify the process of purchasing a home. We also share state and county resources and programs designed especially to provide assistance to first-time home owners.

Community Engagement

Student Engagement

Rapid “studentification” has created an influx of student residents who were unaware of the history and values of the Northside neighborhood. The Jackson Center partners with UNC-Chapel Hill, local municipalities, and other community partners to transform students’ relationships with Northside. Today, students experience the rich history, values, and traditions of Northside, Pine Knolls, and Tin Top by engaging as partners in service and advocacy for the community.
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Celebration & Connection

We see cause for celebration everywhere — in the wisdom of our elders, in the abundance of Northside community, in our century of struggle to claim, protect, and enjoy local rights, in the generosity of neighbors, and the stalwart dedication of local leaders. Hands, fellowship, laughter, dialogue, and fun are touchstones of the beloved community to which we aspire.
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Thanks to the leadership of Northside neighbors and the collaboration and support of dozens of partners, the Northside Neighborhood Initiative strategies and our community land bank are working to bend the market towards justice.  By mid-2022, we have purchased over 41 properties, welcomed 51 families and 50 children into Northside through these housing efforts, and implemented a set of community-first strategies that are preventing the displacement of long-term neighbors and preserving the future of these historic neighborhoods.