Residential Fellowship

The Northside Residential Fellowship is an opportunity for graduate/professional students to honor, renew, and build community while in Northside. Through program activities, students will live, work, and play alongside new and long-term neighbors and have the opportunity to build lasting relationships. The ideal student would desire this program to learn by listening to stories from Northside neighbors, to see the same faces and share a smile of love: a smile that says “I’m glad to see you.” Through these experiences, Northside will soon begin to feel like home. As one life-long resident said:  “Whenever I came back to the neighborhood and was walking down the street and I saw my house, I felt security. I saw a family. I saw my whole life.”

Click STUDENT RESIDENTIAL FELLOWSHIP for information and an application.

Deadline for applications: February 15, 2019.

Northside Digital Commons Project Manager

Oral History and Digital Curation Internship

2019 Summer Fellowship

The Jackson Center is proud to offer up to four graduate and undergraduate student Summer Fellowship positions (late May-mid August) 2019. The Jackson Center is a local grassroots non-profit organization located at the gateway of the historic Northside Neighborhood, one of the historically Black neighborhoods of Chapel Hill. Our mission is to honor, renew, and build community in the historic Northside and Pine Knolls neighborhoods of Chapel Hill.

Semi-full time (32hrs/week) paid positions are available.
$3000 for 10 weeks.

May 27th-August 2nd

Applications will be accepted until February 15th.

Decisions made by March 8th.

For more information, click 2019 SUMMER FELLOWSHIP.


We are always looking for volunteers to help us with our community, education, and social justice work. Please contact us and let us know what you're interested in. Let's talk!