The Northside Compass Group is a community-first leadership group. The direction-setting group is comprised of 15-20 neighbors from across Northside. The Compass Group develops neighborhood strategy, guides our community landbank, and leads efforts to preserve the future of Northside.

The Northside Compass Group is integral to the Jackson Center’s model of community-first organizing. Community-first organizing is led by a bottom-up logic entrusted to those who know not only the history and culture of their neighborhoods but who have earned leadership and know policy in practice. In this process, the Northside Compass Group provides vital leadership and direction-setting that ensures the Jackson Center remains accountable to and responsive to community interests. The Jackson Center understands that our role is to facilitate and organize the full expression of community knowledge, wisdom, and vision.

Compass Group Members

Janie Alston

Donna Bell

Anita Booth

Belinda Caldwell

Paul Caldwell

Sophia Mitchell

Carolyn Evans

Jane Farrar

Matthew Fearrington

Heather Ferrell

Jane Garrett

Billy Jackson

Virginia Purefoy Jones

Louie Rivers

Loryn Clark

Compass Group Partners

Christine Abernathy

Kathy Atwater

George Barrett

Aspen Romeyn

Graham Smokoski

Hudson Vaughan

Past Compass Group Members & Partners

Christie Adisa

Lillian Alston

Stephanie Barnes-Simms

Crystal Collins

Evan Covington Chavez

Jarrett Dawson

Elodie Deneassembaye

Keith Edwards

Leo Gaev

Kay Gattis

William Gattis

Dan Levine

David Lyons

Michael Palmer

Aly Peeler

Jonathan Peterson

Joyce Yao

Sebastian York