Our Youth & Education work is composed of two primary initiatives: Learning Across Generations and Fusion Youth Radio.

  • Primarily serving Orange County, Learning Across Generations is our education curriculum offered to K-12 classrooms, college groups, and other youth-based organizations. It is composed of:
    • Civil Rights in Chapel Hill workshops
    • Arts and Methods of Oral History workshops
    • Civil Rights Tours around Historic Northside
  • Fusion Youth Radio is our audio immersion youth program aimed primarily at students 14-18 from Chapel Hill and Carrboro. The radio show is broadcast monthly on WXYC-Chapel Hill. Participants of the program work with mentors from the Jackson Center, WXYC, and Blackspace Chapel Hill to produce shows centered around important social and political issues.

All of our youth and education services engage the wisdom of youth voices and amplify community perspectives through creative strategies like youth-led radio, educational work in the public schools, and neighborhood tours led by community elders. The three core aspects behind our educational programming includes:

Teaching local civil rights history allows students to feel the vibrant history beneath their feet and be ignited as catalysts for change.

  • Students can begin to see themselves and imagine themselves in a history that is dynamic
  • Civil Rights today

As community mentor Mama Kat speaks about her daughter’s experience protesting during the Civil Rights Movement, Lakewood Montessori student views photo that shows her daughter participating in the Walk for Freedom on Franklin St.

Photo copyright: Jim Wallace

About picture.

Our audio immersion youth programming features young people making their voices a part of history and affirms their truth. We reinvented our Fusion Youth Radio afterschool program into The Telling Your Story Project, an in-school initiative for students to have space. The TYS Project’s core holds true that each and every student

Tell Your Story: Each and every one of you has a story to tell and your voice matter–your stance and position matters. Keeping this at our core, the TYS Project is aimed at providing a space to amplify the truths and stories of students through the production of audiodocumentaries (radio and audio pieces). Through the TYS Project, students will engage in social justice storytelling to create their own personal audiodocs on a story they would like to share. Reflecting on an issue of social justice/civil rights, students will explore how their lives and experiences intersect. Students will explore audio production, beat making, and creatively collaborate with one another to produce individual pieces that they can be proud of. Our club will end with a community listening party to celebrate and showcase student-produced work!





The impactful role of our Community Mentor Team is invaluable to the development of LAG & the educational experience of our students

  • Who our community mentors are
  • Local heroes
  • Authentic relationships and connections to meet student needs


  • Civil Rights in Chapel Hill workshops exposes students to the local history and role of Chapel Hill and the Northside Community.
  • Art & Methods of Oral History workshops fosters communicative relationships between students and our community mentors in which students develop active listening skills and interview techniques.
  • Civil Rights Tour allows students to explore Historical Northside.
  • Fusion Youth Radio provides young people a platform to voice their passions and concerns.