Our organizing and advocacy services challenge inequity and reverse unjust housing trends through community-first planning, research, and relational organizing by activating neighborhood networks to strengthen communities and bring about systemic policy change. The Jackson Center serves as a hub for community advocacy work, connecting residents to existing and potential services and support and promoting increased civic engagement across age, race, and class. Our housing justice works centers on a collaboration with multiple partner organizations and neighbors known as the Northside Neighborhood Initiative (NNI) which is steered by Northside’s Compass Group, a community-first leadership group. In addition to our housing justice work, the Jackson Center also assists in supporting and managing volunteers for St. Joseph’s Heavenly Groceries/Comida Celestial, a food bank that provides groceries for over 3,000 families each month.

For the last five years, we have served as the main partner in this effort, helping implement and achieve these goals through a multi-faceted approach to community advocacy. The great news is: the plan is working.