Learning Across Generations – Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Northside Community Storybooks

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Learn about the four “pillars” of community in the historically- African American Northside neighborhood in Chapel Hill.


  1. Get to know the history of segregation in Chapel Hill and the richness of the Northside and other African American communities. 
  2. Understand what community is and the four “pillars” that made up the Northside community. Meet Northside residents whose stories can be found in our online oral history archive.
  3. Learn about the people in the stories and see yourself as a history maker and agent of change.


  1. a printed copy of one of the Northside Community Storybooks below
  2. markers, colored pencils, crayons


  1. Become the illustrator for the Northside Community Storybook and have fun!


    1. Home: Keith Edwards’s Story
    2. Home: R.D. and Euzelle Smith’s Story
    3. School (Northside): Janie Alston’s Story
    4. School (Lincoln): Carol Brooks’s Story
    5. Church: Pat Jackson’s Story
    6. Business: Bynum and Susie Weaver’s Story
    7. Civil Rights: The Clementine Self Story
    8. Environmental Justice: The Rev. Robert Campbell and David Caldwell Story

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