Creative Ways to Connect

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The Jackson Center is working on creative ideas to support our community connections in a time of necessary social distancing.  Here are a few ideas we will be trying out as we are able:

*Northside “Happy Hours” – On a nice day, we are hoping neighbors here and elsewhere will come out onto your porch between 3-5 pm. Outside air is important during this time, and we can talk to our neighbors from porch to porch. (Maintain a “social distancing” of at least 6 ft.) On Wednesdays and Fridays, the Jackson Center staff will walk by (from a distance) to wave and check-in.

*Phone wellness checks: Jackson Center staff are making daily phone calls to check-in, find out information from neighbors that’s important to pass on, and share information and resources as well. If you are interested in participating or having us add a loved one of yours to the call list, please call us at 919-960-1670 to get added!

*Connecting Virtually: We can help you be more connected with those you care about by assisting you with video chatting, so you can see each other as you talk. If you’d like someone to help you figure out how to connect with video either using your cell phone or computer, call the Jackson Center at 919- 960-1670.

*Resource sharing: If you have come across an abundance of an essential supply and want to ensure that our shut-in neighbors have some of it, please let us know and we are happy to find a safe way to distribute it.

*Baloon-ing: We plan to spread heart balloons throughout the neighborhood starting next week.  Please contact us if you are interested in helping with this effort.

*Singing telegrams from the streets: As we are able to, we hope to spread the love like at Valentine’s Day by singing to neighbors from the streets.  Joy is important during this time and it is central to us all the more in times of crisis.

Other ideas?  Please share with us!

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