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The Power of a Story, Part II “Mama Kat”

By Andrea Wuerth, Reposted from April 10, 2017

The best way to sense the power of a story is to hear the reactions of those who have the privilege of hearing a really good one.

I had the chance to return to Lakewood Middle, this time with Northside resident, Katherine Council, better known as “Mama Kat.” She talked about her experiences in segregated Chapel Hill, as well as during and after the Civil Rights movement, including the story behind this picture of her daughter (on far right) and future son-in-law (far left).

Rather than summarize my impressions of my morning with Mama Kat, I will just let the kids do that, each in his or her own way.

Andrea Wuerth is a volunteer participant in the Center’s Learning Across Generations local history curriculum and our Oral History Archive. She agreed to let us post her blog entry

on a recent visit to Lakewood Montessori in Durham, where the education team and 4 Community Mentors engaged 200 students in learning how to conduct oral history interviews and listening to elders tell their histories of life in Northside

. Access to Andrea’s full blog can be found here.

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