Neighbors help keep each other’s homes warm and safe for the winter

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The Jackson Center’s network of neighborhood leaders have helped connect us to wonderful residents in need of critical home repairs for the winter.   With the help and leadership of partner agencies like Habitat for Humanity, Fix-a-Home, and the IFC, we have helped sixteen families with critical home repairs this quarter.   Nearly a dozen of these have received essential repairs to their heating and air systems just as the winter freeze has begun!


This home repair focus is part of a larger neighborhood effort to help retain long-term families and to support our most dedicated residents with quality housing.  Utilizing a network of community leaders, the Jackson Center continues to connect with families, especially with elderly household members, to work on referrals and applications, advocate for the support of a variety of home repair programs, and assist in the volunteer mobilization and ongoing support for these families.  We are working together to ensure folks who want to stay can stay here and be cared for in the ways these families have, for generations, cared for our neighborhood.


Above: Teresa Shaw and her daughter Kiara pose for a photograph with Anne Hoole, the leader of Fix-a-Home.  Teresa’s family was the recipient of the Fix-a-Home repair project this year and have been a great blessing to us at the Jackson Center this year.  

To learn more about our organizing and advocacy strategies or to volunteer, please contact George Barrett:

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