Civic Media Update

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Fusion Youth Radio is starting its third season!  The first show was Sunday, October 20th with the theme of self-love.  We have nine wonderful students this year from East Chapel Hill High School and Carrboro High School; two first years, one sophomore, two juniors and four seniors.  We are so excited for the year ahead with this amazing group. Every Tuesday and Thursday is eventful and fun at the Jackson Center with all of these young, energizing students in our new space.image

Above: Our new Fusion Youth Radio team sitting on the Rock Wall on McDade Street.

We have a new media post scheme to get out on social media about the work we are doing as well as other fun tidbits. Music Monday is going to be themed around sharing music with our followers, oftentimes local music from allies, friends, and people from the neighborhood, but also just sometimes fun music to get people excited for the week.  Turn up Tuesday is going to be focused on updates about what is going on in the community and with our work.  Wisdom Wednesday will be sharing quotes from our archives, local leaders and national leaders that is relevant to our work and can keep us inspired as we start closing up the week.  Thriving Thursday will be focused on upcoming events as we continue to grow.  Foody Friday will be a light hearted end to the week where we post good recipes, pictures of foods or updates from Heavenly Groceries.

We have continued delivering our monthly newsletter, the Northside News, to over 650 residents.  “Archive Trivia” has been a big hit!  People call as soon as the phones open to be the first to answer and win our prizes.  The October edition featured a column from the Principal and Vice Principal of the newly opened Northside Elementary School.  It has been so exciting to have them as new, engaged members of our community.  

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