A Place at the Table: An Ethnopoetic Transcription

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This poem was transcribed by Khristain, a Bonner Leader Intern, from an interview with Virgina Thomas from an oral history interview about the St. Joseph Food Ministry, Heavenly Groceries

Things like St Joseph’s Bread Ministy

Have really opened my eyes


How much food we waste


How easy it is

In this system

To waste food


The fact that

The system is sort of


To only provide food

For people that can afford it

At a certain price

And the rest of it

Is literally

Thrown away

It really just doesn’t make any sense


You might as well

Use it

You realize this food

It’s not just about

The stereotypical

You know

Lending a hand to people in need

It’ s about

Helping collect what

Is still good

Distributing it

But also

Using it

In a communal way

It has a collective




feel like the courtesy

That people show


and in terms of

Oh yeah

Make sure you take some bread home


These bananas


Whatever it is

I have now

Incorporated that into my own

In terms of like

When I make food for people

I try to make sure

That I make enough food

To like

Send home with people

And I try to make food

To give to people more often

Because I think

It brings a lot of


“I so enjoyed engaging in that way, the food around St. Joseph’s and the bread ministry. It kind of reaffirmed that form of connecting with people.”

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