Intern Reflection of the Week

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I’m excited. I’m excited because the people I work with continually challenge and inspire me to push myself. I’m excited because the Bonner Leaders Program at UNC Chapel Hill, in terms of the relationships we have between each other, is growing. But, the main reason I’m excited is because I feel like I’m making a meaningful impact working at the Jackson Center. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that when working with communities you’re making an impact even if what you’re doing doesn’t initially seem that meaningful. One of the proudest moments I ever had working with the Rogers Road community was watching the child I tutored grow.  This year at the Jackson Center there is always something that needs to be done, no matter the importance of the task.

I’m also excited about the current projects fellow Bonner Zack Kaplan and I are working on. As of right now, we are working on a grant to donate books about the history of Rogers Road to different community and school libraries across Chapel Hill. To supplement the grant we are constructing an educational curriculum with former Campus Y Co-president Elizabeth McCain about the history, environmental struggle, and future of the Rogers Road community. Zack and I are hopeful that this curriculum will be initiated at Morris Grove Elementary School and then expanded to different schools in Chapel Hill. The work I’m doing here makes me extremely hopeful about what I’ll be doing for the next two and a half years for the Jackson Center and Rogers Road.  

-Daron Holman

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