Ethnopoetic Transcription from Reverend Harrison’s MLK service, Jan 19. 2009

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There’s a struggle going on                                                                                        [“Thank you Jesus”]

yet    dreams

never die.

It is in the midst of struggle

that dreams become a reality

It’s in the midst of struggle

 that dreams take on new meaning and

 provide new hope for those who are oppressed

and struggling

Dreams never dry – die.                

But not just in our


do we still experience   injustice,


but even in our own community.

As Brother Campbell reminded us so eloquently this morning

of how we continue

to choose      a particular area

to inflict further injustice on a people just because of the color of their skin or because of  their lack of

political or economic power.    


There’s a struggle

 going on.

And what we have to come together as a community and understand

is that Chapel Hill is-is not just

the historic district 

Chapel Hill is not just

the elitist district

but Chapel Hill is composed of Richfield                                                                                                          [“uh-huh”]

       and Rogers Road                                                                                [“c’mon”]

       and Northside.                                                                                    [“yes”]


And decisions and policies that we make

ought to embrace dreams.

Dreams of a better place

-and a better time

-and a better situation

for all of Chapel Hill.

 There’s a struggle going on. 

-blanche brown

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