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This week for my music and arts post, I decided to visit Heavenly Groceries and ask some of my favorite volunteers, Hollywood and Miss Lillian, about some of their favorite songs from their childhood. 

The first person I asked was Hollywood. Hollywood’s favorite song was “Hollywood” by Kool & The Gang. He told me some interesting background information on why he chose this particular song. He danced to this song during a talent show in high school to raise money. He even added, “I was a dancin’ cat back then!” Also, he told me that this song gave him his nickname “Hollywood.” I loved learning this fun fact about his nickname because I’ve always wondered where it came from! In my one and a half years working in Heavenly Groceries, I’ve always wondered the mystery behind Hollywood’s name, and now it’s finally solved!

I also asked Miss Lillian about her favorite song. She had a hard time picking just one song because she had too many favorites. She finally settled on choosing “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag” by James Brown. 

Overall, it was interesting to hear about their favorite songs and different facts about their childhood. Also, I found it interesting that I had heard both of these songs before, even though I didn’t know the names of them. I just love seeing how music can unite all of us. 


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