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Chapel Hill Civil Rights Weekend was a huge success across town: here at the Jackson Center and other community and University locations.  Among the events, ABC news covered Witness to Rights: an interactive exhibit of photos by Jim Wallace, presented by the Jackson Center from Friday to Sunday.  Many stories were heard throughout the weekend, particularly at the Civil Rights celebration dinner and the march from Durham to Chapel Hill.  Also, individuals were given the opportunity to request interviews to further tell their histories.  

In August, Ben Degraffenreid, a long time resident of the Northside neighborhood was told that his lease was terminated and had ten days to move out of his home because of claims that the rent he was paying was below the fair market price.  A hearing was held on Tuesday to appeal the eviction.  The court ruled on grounds of prejudice that the eviction is dismissed, but the investing company trying to buy the property has ten days to appeal the dismissal.  As of right now, Degraffenreid is allowed to remain living in his home.

Other than that, the Jackson Center is winding down a little after a busy week, doing a little organizing and cleaning before embarking on our next ventures.  

-Joe Dayaa

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