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WELCOME, From The Jackson Center!

It seems as if we have been on a small hiatus from the blog; but no fear, we are back in action! I’m Nicole, one of the Jackson Center’s newest additions, and I’ll be acting as the primary curator for this site. If you ever have any questions about the blog, a post that you’d like to see, or a post you’d like to write; don’t hesitate to email me at!

Through the reawakening of this space, we will give readers a peak into the goings-ons at the Jackson Center and the neighborhood. It is here we will share the stories that we at the center, are privileged to engage in nearly everyday; as well as take a deeper look at what guides, informs, and inspires our work.

Being that we’ve been gone for a bit, let me use this space to catch you up because this summer has been a busy one to say the least. 

  • The Jackson Center has formalized a partnership with Durham’s Center for Community Self-Help, which is supported by UNC. Through this collaboration, a plan will be mapped out targeting how to sustain the Northside neighborhood which now has over fifty percent of single-family homes occupied by UNC students. Read More Here!
  • Fusion Youth Radio Co-directors, Alexander Stephens and myself worked at WUNC mentoring their first Youth Radio Institute. Members of last year’s FYR crew, Akib Khan and Jasmine Farmer, were two of the students involved in this program as well. For more information and to listen to the student’s pieces, please visit and “LIKE” this link!

For a complete archive of the center’s presence in local news please click here.

In August, we officially welcomed three of the newest members of our team to the Marian Cheek Jackson Center, Monica Palmeira (center), Jasmine Farmer (left), and myself (right).

Monica Palmeira has been working in different capacities at the Jackson center since 2009. During the last year at the center, she and Lauren Shor worked as a Food Justice Fellows with Heavenly Groceries, and began working on the documentary food book A Place at the Table. (Keep your ears open for updates on this production!) Currently Monica acts as the center’s Community Services Manager with the Americorps Vista Program. She will be working primarily with Food and Housing Justice initiatives; helping ensure Heavenly Groceries sustainability, as well as being a point person on university-community relations. For the past three years Monica has devoted much time, energy, love, and kindness to the neighborhood; we are more than ecstatic to have her at the center for another year!

Jasmine Farmer is also joining us through Americorps this year as a Literacy Corp Member. Jasmine is our new Coordinator for Youth Initiatives. We’ve also known Jasmine for a good bit here at the Jackson Center. Jasmine was part of our pilot year at Fusion Youth Radio for the 2011-12 season. Through FYR, she acted as a host and assumed many leadership responsibilities. Through her new position at the Jackson Center, Jasmine will visit schools, helping lead our local history education program History is Dangerous. She will also maintain leadership in the FYR program, by acting as a mentor and program alumna. Jasmine will also co-coordinate the production, Northside News. Jasmine’s creative nature and strong voice are only some of the reasons we are so excited to have Jasmine at the center this year!

And again, my name’s Nicole Campbell. During the 2011-12 year I acted as the co-director of Fusion Youth Radio, being originally brought in through my connection with WXYC, UNC’s campus radio station. I am now Communications Manager at the center. Through this position I co-coordinate the Northside News and Fusion Youth Radio, as well as maintain intra and inter-connections in the community through civic media. During the following year, I also look forward to guiding our new FYR initiative, Fusion Youth Speak, as well as being a point person for a Sexual Education and Healthy Relationships initiative to come.

We at the Jackson Center are very excited for our new programs, new employees, and a new year. For more insight and updates, check back next week!

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