The third week of Kickstarter

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“We would take the kids fishing during the summer, spring and summer, and what would happen is, when summer would come, we would take all of those fish and clean them and have a big fish fry for the neighborhood.” Interview Excerpt

Hello All, 

We are rounding out this week with 59% of our funding complete! We have 17 more days to go and we are ready for the challenge of finding our last 41%. If you live in the Chapel Hill – Carrboro area keep a lookout for our flyers!

You can also direct friends and family to:

We have done some exciting interviews this week and have collected a number of good recipes. Lauren is going to go home this weekend and test some cake recipies! YUM! We will have pictures to follow.

As always, if you have any questions about our work please feel free to contact us at

Have a wonderful day!

Monica and Lauren

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