Police Brutality Voxpop: Vincent Jacobs does street interviews, asking “What do you think about police brutality?” to participants.

Opinions on the Los Angeles Riots & Today: Vincent does a follow-up interview with his father, who was present in Los Angeles during the Rodney King protests and riot.

Victims of Brutality: FYR reporter Miguel Bonilla creates a work recognizing the lives of recent victims of police brutality.

Who Was Freddie Gray?: Recent FYR addition Aliya Suayah does research into the life of Freddie Gray prior to his fatal encounter with Baltimore police.

Not Your Suncshine: FYR reporter Adela Mann remixes a classic song to offer a feminist perspective on independence and happiness.

What Does Feminism Mean? Voxpop: FYR reporters David Castleberry and Vincent Jacobs do street interviews. They pose the question, “What does feminism mean?” to a number of participants.

Remixes on Feminist Themes: During a December residency at Beat Making Lab, Fusion Youth Radio reporters create remixes based on popular source materials and feminist themes.

Katie Huang and Rosemary Yin collaboratively experiment with a popular Beyoncé song, while Andrea Moore sets a famous Sojourner Truth speech to music. David Castleberry creates an original beat and works with source material from a speech by Emma Watts.

Feminism In History: FYR reporter Rosemary Yin delivers a pair of brief biographical profiles of a couple historical female icons.

An Immigrant’s Experience: FYR reporter Vincent Jacobs conducts a personal interview with Yesenia, his girlfriend and a recent immigrant to the US.

In the Eye of the Storm: Global Revolutions

Selections from:

The Experiences of Refugees in North Carolina
by Baxter

 Interview on Refugees Entering Turkey
by Meryam

Full February 2016 Show:

 Part One
by FYR 2015-16 Participants

 Part Two
by FYR 2015-16 Participants

 Part Three
by FYR 2015-16 Participants

Sink or Swim in the Sea of Modern Media

The last show of 2015 explored the topic of social media. The students engaged in discussions about the ways that social media has transformed activist work- focusing specifically on social media movements like Black Lives Matter, and hashtag campaigns like #bringbackourgirls. Our reporters also created audio pieces about gendered harassment on social media, the ways that our generation utilizes social media, and other topics. Check out the full episode here!

 Part One
by FYR 2015-16 Participants

 Part Two
by FYR 2015-16 Participants

 Part Three
by FYR 2015-16 Participants

Community Interviews on Social Media

The Usage of Social Media
by Jack

The Reliability of Media
by Meryam


Shattering Silent Stigmas of Mental Health

Features an amazing show on mental disabilities, resources, and the need for awareness and options for care in our state. Dr. Timothy Miles and Agyei Ekundayo gave a wonderful and insightful interview about their experiences and work in the field. Check it out below!

 An Interview with Dr. Timothy Miles & Agyei Ekundayo
by FYR 2015-26 Participants

Mental Disability
by Meryam


US Prison Conditions:
FYR reporter Katie Caruso reports on prison conditions in the United States.

Schools as Prisons: The FYR reporters responds to Miguel Bonilla’s piece comparing schools to prisons.

School-to-Prison Pipeline Action Camp

FYR hosts Jas and J.D. wrote a verse about their time at the Southeast Regional School-to-Prison Pipeline ActionCamp hosted by the Advancement Project and performed it on FYR LIVE Epsiode 8: Hip Hop.

 A Year in Review
by Jas and J. D.

Why is Black History Month Important?: FYR reporters Andrea Moore, Katie Caruso and Vincent Jacobs discuss Andrea’s Voxpop: Why is Black History Month important? Katie and Vincent give short biographies of influential black musicians Sun Ra and Ice Cube.

Why Did You Become a Teacher?: FYR reporter Vincent Jacobs does a personal interview with his high school automotive mechanics teacher.

Produced Reflections via our Summer Audio Immersion Program

Youth from Fusion Youth Radio and the Beat-Making Lab attended the 2016 Summer Allied Media Conference and the Groundswell Oral History Conference this summer in Detroit. Check out some of their reflective pieces below:

 Kalil’s Reflections
by Kalil

 Coleman’s Reflections
by Coleman

 Alice’s Reflections
by Alice

 Vincent’s Reflections
by Vincent

A Commentary

Waiting for 2042: FYR reporter David Castleberry comments on selected clips from comedian Hari Kondabolu’s album Waiting for 2042.

A Year in Review

FYR hosts reflect on the past year participating in the 2013-2014 Fusion Youth Radio program, as well as discuss the significance of youth radio. Instead of inviting a guest spoken word artist to our studios, during episode twelve, all of our hosts share their own poems and audio pieces. We also introduce a new episode of our radio drama, Getchyaville!

 A Year in Review
by 2013-14 FYR Participants

Meaning of Love: Stephanie Barajas interviews her parents, who relate a touching story about their love for one another.

Valentine’s Day Facts: FYR reporters David Castleberry and Alice Garcia report on little-known facts and history about Valentine’s Day.

Thoughts on Valentine’s Day: Andrea Moore does street interviews to get people’s general thoughts about the Valentine’s Day holiday.

House Bill 2

After returning from the Allied Media Conference, FYR reporters Baxter Barrett and Genesis Thomas critically reflected on the oppressive policy changes impacting the state of North Carolina. Check out their interview with the LGBTQ Center in Durham on HB2.

 An Interview on HB2
by Baxter and Genesis