The Promise of Home Program assists our elderly neighbors in Northside and Pine Knolls stay safe and rooted in our communities by providing quality home rehabilitations by local contractors and committed community organizations. This program is a collaboration between several home repair agencies, including Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together.

Residents of Northside & Pine Knolls have sustained the Chapel Hill/Carrboro community for generations. Many of these neighbors, like Ms. Patterson (left), have worked multiple jobs for decades well into their 80’s and have taken great pride in keeping up the homes they have lived in for over fifty years. Now, with increased age of the homes and the rising cost of living, many neighbors like Ms. Patterson need critical and urgent home repairs.

Louise Felix has lived in Chapel Hill all of her life and in her home in Northside for nearly 40 years. Like so many Northside residents, Ms. Felix takes great pride in her beautiful home. With the increased age of the home and the rising cost of living on a fixed income, Ms. Felix sought out help to fix broken windows, add railings to help her age in place, and replace rotting floors and siding. For ten years, she applied to programs, only to be added to additional waiting lists. Through the Promise of Home Repair Program, we were able to complete all critical and safety repairs for Ms. Felix within months of her application.