The Marian Cheek Jackson Center

Learning Across Generations Workshop Prices


Workshop Style and Details

In Kind Contribution
Individual Workshop 

Individual workshops are one day initiatives that provide students the opportunity to learn about and engage with local civil rights history. Primary modes of instruction include: utilizing the voices of our community mentors, through their physical presence or a clip of their oral history interview; integrating Jim Wallace photography that documents the local struggle; and facilitating creative reflection and discussion among students.

Two-Part Workshop

Spanning the course of two days, our two-part workshops provide deeper opportunities for discussion and critical thinking. They are our way of ensuring a more comprehensive historical education. These workshop include: Oral History Arts and Methods; Hidden Hill; and Citizen/Action workshops. With the latter, students are provided the opportunity to conduct their own oral history interview with a community mentor to learn about their life experiences and the historical context of which they came.

Assembly Style Workshop

While our individual and two-part workshop offerings are conducted in classrooms with a typical range of 20-30 students, our assembly style workshops are typically presentations with a full grade level or more.

Freedom Walk and other historical tours

Our historical walking tours are field trip opportunities for students to explore and learn about the local history of Northside. Through their freedom tour, students learn about the four pillars of community that sustained Northside, see former sites that served as primary gathering grounds for the Civil Rights Movement, and witness the sustained strength of our community amidst the current neighborhood changes.

$5 per student
The TYS Project

The TYS Project, or Telling Your Story Project, is a semester-long audio immersion series integrated within a school’s course schedule. The TYS Project’s core holds true that each and every student has a story to tell and each and every voice matters. For this, the TYS Project is aimed at providing a space to amplify the truths and stories of students through the production of audio documentaries and other forms of creative expression.


Featuring the voices of more than a dozen community members and narrated by Northside natives, this audio tour is an introduction to some of the stories, struggles, and aspirations of our community. This feature-length documentary, produced by Alexander Stephens, is designed to be listened to while walking through the Northside neighborhood. We hope you’ll come see the places where the stories unfold.You can stream the audio tour directly from a smart phone or download it to any MP3-compatible device.


Example of workshop package

Say, for example, you are a lead teacher for the fourth grade at your elementary school. You would like to schedule a workshop introducing all fourth grade students (4 classes, 25 students per class) to local civil rights history. We recommend a one-hour multimedia Freedom Walk workshop followed by the Freedom Walk tour in the Northside neighborhood. Prices include all materials. Total cost would look like this:

Freedom Walk workshop x 4            =  $400.00

Freedom Walk neighborhood tour

@ $5/student x 100 students =   $500.00

 TOTAL COST   =   $900.00

(Freedom Walk tours would take place in groups of 25– a total of 4 guided walks.)