Active Learning in Northside

Often times the best type of learning is through engaging and doing!

Remember, there is a history of this community being “studied” (we always have 4-5 students wanting to do interviews of neighbors for a class project or DTH reporter doing ANOTHER story about gentrification). Think critically think about your intentions of why you want to learn and how you go about it.

You might participate in “Active Learning” by…

  • Volunteering for an activity you haven’t participated in before (Data Collection, Oral History Transcription, Newspaper Route etc.)
  • Attending a service at St. Joseph’s
  • Listening to an oral history and reflecting on what you heard
  • Attending a Town Council Meeting
  • Attending a Community Outreach Meeting facilitated by EmPOWERment Inc.
  • Taking a walk around Northside or the block you live on and taking notes on what you notice
  • Interviewing a fellow volunteer from the Jackson Center
  • Chatting with St. Joseph’s volunteers at Heavenly Groceries
  • Sitting on your porch and interacting with people on your street
  • Engaging in a conversation with a neighbor on your block
  • Playing basketball at Hargraves
  • Pursuing an inspiration that came from a conversation you had at a pop-up party by doing more research into neighborhood history
  • Following the stone walls around campus
  • Sitting at the Neighborhood Gateway for 30min. An hour.
  • Frequenting a local business in the Midway Business District (Bread and Butter, Midway Barber Shop, Mama Dips, Tonya’s Cookies, the Tienda, etc.).
  • Coming up with your own unique idea!