Active Learning in Northside

Often times the best type of learning is through engaging and doing!

You might participate in “Active Learning” by…

  • Volunteering for an activity you haven’t participated in before (Data Collection, Oral History Transcription, Newspaper Route etc.)
  • Attending a service at St. Joseph’s
  • Listening to an oral history and reflecting on what you heard
  • Attending a Town Council Meeting
  • Taking a walk around Northside or the block you live on and taking notes on what you notice
  • Interviewing a fellow volunteer from the Jackson Center
  • Chatting with St. Joseph’s volunteers at Heavenly Groceries
  • Sitting on your porch and interacting with people on your street
  • Engaging in a conversation with a neighbor on your block
  • Playing basketball at Hargraves
  • Pursuing an inspiration that came from a conversation you had at a pop-up party by doing more research into neighborhood history
  • Following the stone walls around campus
  • Sitting at the Neighborhood Gateway for 30min. An hour.
  • Frequenting a local business in the Midway Business District (Bread and Butter, Midway Barber Shop, Mama Dip’s, Tonya’s Cookies, the Tienda, etc.).
  • Coming up with your own unique idea!

Below are some special opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students who want to live-in-community. For other opportunities, click: Volunteers.

Northside Residential Fellows

Student Leadership Group