Website Reports

Northside/Pine Knolls Community Plan (2011/2012): This plan, developed in collaboration between the Town of Chapel Hill, the Sustaining Ourselves Coalition (which the Jackson Center organized) and a range of neighborhood stakeholders, laid out a set of priorities and policy changes advocated by neighbors to improve the neighborhood conservation district and preserve the “fabric of Chapel Hill’s most historic communities.”

Northside Baseline Report (2012): Conducted by CZB, this extensive market analysis of Northside provides a range of data and maps in 2012 that began a several year planning process that led to the Northside Market Action Plan.

Northside Market Action Plan, or MAP (2013): The result of a year-long action planning process with Northside Neighbors, Self Help, the Jackson Center, and a range of resource partners, this plan outlined a 5-year strategy to preserve the future of Northside as a vibrant, diverse, and historical community.

Historic and Vibrant Rogers Road (2014): The result of an extraordinary collaboration between the Rogers-Eubanks Neighborhood Association & the Jackson Center, this report provided details survey analysis and extensive community feedback in pursuit of a more just and equitable Rogers Road. This report also details the Jackson Center’s “reverse consultant model” in which those with historic knowledge and participation are included as the primary consultants.

Mapping Our Community’s Future (2016): The Jackson Center & RENA facilitated a community-first planning process led by the Rogers Road Community Unity Board. This plan, Mapping Our Community’s Future, outlines a set of development principles, an action plan to pursue community development visions, and a set of maps with place based hopes for future development.