Kathy Atwater, Community Advocacy Director Pictured Above


Kathy Atwater is a native of Chapel Hill and has lived in the Northside Community all of her life.  Having retired from the State of NC after 30 years of service, Kathy is now pursuing a passion that she didn’t know she had until faced with the unending changes to her beloved community.  As Community Advocacy Specialist, Kathy works with the community by providing resource information to neighbors who want to be able to stay in their homes.  Because of the rise in property taxes, neighbors receive assistance with their property taxes hrough MCJC’s property tax support program.  Through partnership with local attorneys, neighbors can have their wills and end of life documents prepared at no cost.  Home repairs are also provided through service partners which allow neighbors to continue to live in their homes in comfort and safety. Kathy is a part of the Community Review Board, a group of neighbors who share the history of the community and conduct oral history interviews in the community to be published in the Northside Digital Commons on the Jackson Center’s website.  Working with the Jackson Center has allowed Kathy to relive the memories of a neighborhood full of love, compassion, and caring and to look forward to the days when those memories will be reality once again.