One of our primary partners, the Southern Oral History Program (SOHP), has a collection of over 4,000 oral histories that can be viewed here. Additionally, the SOHP has conducted several dozen oral history interviews related to Northside. Here are some of the interviews of particular relevance:

Northside Interview Series

A group of interviews conducted by Susan Simone exploring the lives and struggle of various members of the Northside community, especially in relation to the struggle around development in Chapel Hill. This series includes interviews with community members (among many others): Keith Edwards and Anita Booth, long-term residents of McDade Street; Michael Parker, manager of Knotts Funeral Home; Velma Perry, community historian and long-term resident of Lindsay Street; and R.D. and Euzelle Smith, lifetime educators, the namesakes of Smith Middle, and residents of Caldwell Street.

History of the Lincoln High School Mighty Tigers

Interviews by Bob Gilgor with teachers, staff, and alumni from Lincoln High School, Chapel Hill’s historically black secondary institution (including former NAACP president Fred Battle; Hargraves Center director, Nate Davis; former UNC housekeeper and lifetime community activist, Rebecca Clark, and more). The school was closed during the implementation of school desegregation in Chapel Hill. Interviewees discuss African American life and race relations in Chapel Hill, as well as education, discipline, extracurricular activities, and social life in high school before and after school integration. For further history and resources on Lincoln High School, click here or for full list of interviewees click here.

Desegregation in Chapel Hill

General interviews related to the process and effects of desegregation in Chapel Hill.

Race Relations in Chapel Hill

Interviews focused on discussion of race relations in Chapel Hill. Some interviews cross over with earlier series.

Chapel Hill Voices

A blog with links to interviews with Chapel Hill residents in the Documenting the American South Collection. Included in the list are a number of Northside residents and area leaders who discuss desegregation in Chapel Hill, as well as other local activists who have engaged in important work in our community.