Dear County Commissioners,

Long-term Black-owned Northside properties are drastically overvalued in comparison with investor-owned rentals in the neighborhood and properties in other mostly white, affluent neighborhoods.This will cause an inequitable tax burden on a community already facing enormous economic pressure. In fact, last year nearly 50 elderly households in Northside received additional property tax support from the Northside Neighborhood Initiative. These homeowners are already paying as much as 90% of their annual income on property taxes for homes they have lived in all of their lives. The County’s inequitable burden on these residents negates the important collaborative work between the County, Towns, UNC, and neighborhood organizations to prevent displacement of these long-term residents and preserve the future of this historic community.  The fact that a large majority of them spent their lives serving this town and university while facing extreme inequities in pay are now being asked to carry a heavier burden of this County’s tax bill is just flat out wrong.

We are writing to urge you to support efforts to address the concerning systemic inequities identified in property taxation across Northside. Specifically, our coalition is asking for your leadership to ensure the following four demands are met:

  1. Work with Northside leaders to identify what caused these mistakes in the valuations across Northside. This will help correct these issues systematically and make sure that the inequities in the appraisal assumptions are corrected for future appraisals in Northside and other communities where it might have created similar problems. 
  2. Reduce/correct the property tax valuations for homeowners in Northside in a holistic manner.  This should require, at the least:
    Reducing the over-assessed land value significantly across the board.
    b) Differentiating housing values more carefully by type and condition given the conditions of the Northside Conservation District and the extreme differences between the long-term homeowner homes and larger student rental properties. 
  3. Extend the timeline for Northside residents to make informal appeals by a month. Less than two weeks to mobilize appeals for hundreds of residents in the midst of a pandemic is not possible, despite ongoing efforts by several local organizations.  Additionally, Northside residents should have the opportunity to appeal new corrected values provided by the County. 
  4. Increase County support for neighborhood preservation and retention efforts, including funding for additional capacity for neighborhood organizations working on these issues.

It is unjust and unreasonable to ask hundreds of Northside residents to individually appeal systemic inequities, but any neighborhood-wide corrections should still provide time for individual property owners to have the right to additional appeal. Neighborhood organizations stand ready to support this multi-pronged approach. We understand the urgency and importance of this effort for the County and trust that you will help ensure that the burden of correction on this effort does not fall on those impacted by the County’s oversight.



The Marian Cheek Jackson Center
EmPOWERment, Inc.
The Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP

Over 550 Orange County community members have added their signatures to this letter:

Joan L. Rehm, Northside neighbor

Kelly Alexander, Northside neighbor

Haley Van Raay, Northside neighbor

Spencer Schold, Northside neighbor

Allison Pagans, Northside neighbor

Sarah Kim, Northside neighbor

Edward Murray IV, Northside neighbor

Gary Richards, Northside neighbor

Lucy Britt, Northside neighbor

Matthew Hayes, Northside neighbor

Lea Ghastine, Northside neighbor

Douglas Bright, Northside neighbor

Eva Elliott, Northside neighbor

Jack Murray, Northside homeowner

Della Pollock, Northside neighbor

Maggie West, Northside neighbor

Inga Morken, Northside neighbor

Elias Gross, Northside neighbor

Elizabeth Symons, Northside neighbor

Seth Murray, Pine Knolls neighbor

Jennie B. Chavis, Pine Knolls neighbor

Beth Flora, Tin Top neighbor

Rob Stephens, Jackson Center Advisory Board Member, National Political Director of Repairers of the Breach and former Northside resident and UNC student

Mae B. McLendon, former Northside resident, former President of the Pine Knolls Community Organization

Cortland Gilliam, MCJC Board member, UNC Ph.D. Student

Mary Beth Johnson, Jackson Center LINK Program

Patricia Toro, Northside Elementary School

Kathryn Cole, Northside Elementary School

Rita M. May, CHALT & Estes neighbors

Inter-Faith Council for Social Service

LGBTQ Pop-up Center of Carrboro

Nancy Garson-Angert, OCDP, Chapel Hill/Carrboro NAACP

Sonia Kathian, NAACP Housing Committee

Donna Carrington, Executive Director, CEF

Rudrateja Komaravolu, CEF

Yvette Mathews, CEF

Diiv Sternman, CEF

Quinton Harper, Activate! IFC

Jackie Jenks, IFC

Pavani Peri, EmPOWERment Inc.

Alice Jacoby, Habitat for Humanity

Kaitlin Hendershot, Habitat for Humanity volunteer

Jessie Floyd, COTAD

Alyssa Gillikin, CHCAE

Affordable Housing Carrboro

L.K. Brown, Baltimore County Board of Education

Wamiq Chowdhury, Chapelboro Democratic Socialists of America

G. S. Jordan, Chapel of the Cross Episcopal Church

Alice Dawson, Chapel of the Cross

Ryan Mills, Well Dot Inc.

Beth Cullette, Well Dot Inc.

Rabbi Jonathan Gerard

Rabbi Jen Feldman

Caroline Englert, Jackson Center Student Leadership Group

Raymond Tu, Jackson Center service partner

Naomi Foust, Jackson Center service partner

Matt Hughes, Hillsborough Commissioner

Heather A. Benjamin, Attorney

Lydia Thomas, UNC student

Paloma Zabala, UNC student

Hope Thomson, UNC student

Caroline Ritchie, UNC Graduate Student

Kate Shurtleff, UNC Law student

Amy Ohara, UNC student

Katherin Harrold

Aleah Walsh

Natalie Gauger

Savannah Shoemake

Adwoa Asare

Beryl Bortey

Micah Brown

Emily Perou

Sarah O’Brien

Kareem Browne

Hannah Snow

Eleanor Murray

Andreina Malki

Michael Ogle

Sarah Jones

Katie Jenifer

Sienna Zuco

Samantha Horn

Olivia Fisher

Chris Bazzarre

Abby Parcell

Jeff Murray

Sally Merryman

Katelyn Campbell

Anneke Oppewal

Jen Snider

Rani Dasi

Griffin Bell

Bridget Pemberton-Smith, Art Therapy Institute, Carrboro Business Alliance

Morphen Phillippi

Alicia Chen, Northside neighbor

Sarah Shapero

Bella Larsen

Christine Siu Abernathy

Emma McCook

Jordan Dalton, Northside/Tin-Top neighbor

Anna Joyce

Patrick Sheegog

Josh Gurlitz

Robin Gurlitz

NAstacia Pereira

Samantha Luu

Edie Fagan

Margaret Krome-Lukens

Crystal Brunson

Margaret Benson Nemitz

Allison Whitenack, Northside neighbor

Julian Taylor

Beverly Rudolph, Carrboro High School Principal

Jamie Fernandez-Schendt

Anna Spencer, Jackson Center

Leigh Fowler

Emily Martin-Hondros

Sandra Peterson

Rachel O’Reilly

Alison Warmkessel

Phoenix Tudryn

Crissy McMurphy

Kathleen Foody

Lena Kantz

Kerri Lemole

Morgan Sennhauser, Northside neighbor

Markus Kitsinger

Gavin Shelton


Phoenix Tudryn

Esther Davis

Ann Suk, Northside neighbor

Olivia Brown

Jennifer Painter

Anna O’Connell, CHCCS educator

Amelia Covington, Climate Action NC Field Organizer

Paloma Zabala, UNC student

Sara Moore

Rachel Wilson

E. Lindsley Bowen

Sherose Badruddin

Pema Herr

Hanne Parks

Katarina Holecek

Maggie Dunn


Ethan Sichel, UNC student

Matthew Greenslade

Carole Labrum

Anne R. Berry

Sandra Brooks

Tyler Walters

Cecelia Moore

Tanya Jisa

Nan Nixon

Kasha Ely, OCDP

Margaret Vimmerstedt

Gregory Neil Jansen

Stephen Smith

Marcia Cordova-Roth

Edel Cordova-Roth

Jonah Garson, OCDP Chair, Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP

Anissa Graham-Davis, OCDP, First Vice Chair

Laura M. Clark

Jaaz Catterall

Sue Krebs

Deborah Finn

Dianne Jackson

Jane Hathaway, Director, Orange County Furniture Project

Northside Neighbor

Retired Community Resident 

Christy Tate

Tomee Howard

Roshna Bala Keen

Laila Bradford 

Martha Schutz

Donna campbell

Damon Seils

Northside neighbor

Billy Jackson

Anna Jackson

Julienne Herrera

Brenda McCall

Susan Yarnell

Robin Mullis

Christian DeJesus

RL Juliano

Yvonne Cleveland

Madison Hayes

Gretchen Mason

Joan Guilkey, Chapel Hill resident

Emma Kashefsky

Olivia Hall

Sophia Lee, UNC student

Samantha Piper

Lisa Lindsay

Trip Renn

Leila Hessini

Morgan Pitelka

Jennifer Bremer

Maxine Mason Huggins


Ricky Pimentel

John Kovalchik

Sean McKeithan

Carol Small

Janet Xiao, Jackson Center

Joel Sronce

Dean Fox

Lucretia Dickson

Patricia Jackson

Joshua Davis

Grace Reavis

Anna Eblen

Kelly Suttles

Coretta Sharpless

Katherine Leith

Nancy Hilburn

Janet Downie

Shannon Janney

Marguerite Most

Katrina Schwartz

Maritza Mendoza

Dr. Yolanda V. Scarlett

Kathryn Wall

Jan Schochet

Bill and Anne Brashear

Wandolyn and Erin Merritt

Paige Holt

Ankita Nandi

Gary Richards

Jude Wierzbicki

Jared Sokolsky

Hazel Pardington

Marit Nelson

Caroline Zhou

Hannah Cullen

Chloe Elbogen

Josh Mayo

Danielle Downing

Maia Donald

Emily Newman

Willa Dong

Kierra Peak

Becky Scheible

Naomi Robalino

Nora Emmott

Monica J. Molina

Simone Frank

Lauri Maerov

Evan Covington Chavez

Margot Lester

Emmeline McManus

Ollie Donald

Karlton Tate

Emily Oglesby

Helen Johnston

Aaron Bachenheimer

Vicki Kowlowitz

Kim Williams

Julia Lawrence

Lilla Duffy

Maggie Springer

Gayle Hartis

Brooke Erceg

Scarlett VanDyke

India Rice

Lance Ashdown

Francis Webb

Martha Schulz

Nancy Tunnessen

Tess Claldini

Cameron Stutts

Gary R. Poole

Tara White

Rachel Cotterman

Emily Whitfield Stupak

Lauren Turner

Madeline Morrissey

Nick Datto

Sue Hunter

Olivia Raines

Dalton Shaw

Phil Morrison

Molly Nguyen

Katie Service

Amy-Jae Rignola Crawford

Austin Vo

Harper Baer


Tyania Pugh

Rachel T. Levy

Lauren Nichols

Alexis Townsend

Kimathi Muiruri

Matthew Greenslade

Cora Martin, Northside neighbor

Natalie Giduz, Northside neighbor

Skyler Singleton

Victoria Balque-Burns

Jaime Myco Maxwell

Caroline Pence

Noah Upchurch

Zoe Nichols

Jasper Schutt

Peyton Lindogan

Joanna Lee, UNC student

Hannah Jones, UNC student

Madeleine Eldridge

Joal Broun

Morgan Parker

Gina Balamucki

Natalie Hussein

Julia Palawski

Steve Phillips

Michelle Zheng

Hannah Budds

Alison Hilton

Alex Chantilas

Susan Myers

Emily Guck-McGulgan

Chet Makoski

Kathy Krug

Megan Westbrook, Northside neighbor

Amanda Barnes Cook, CHCNAACP

Darian Buck

Victor Costant

Mackenzie Birrenkott

Nicholas Yarger

Andrea Ross, Northside neighbor

Sneha Pasupula, UNC student

Caroline Smith, Northside neighbor

Anna Bradford

Rowan Hunsberger

Elizabeth Knippler

Kai Nilsen

Clive Stevens

Clara Merry

Nina Daye, Northern Orange NAACP, Orange Democratic Party

Kimberly Manning

Angela Guo

Dennis Swatzlander

Christine Krug

Sam Wilson, Northside Elementary School

Alissa Hutto

Snigdha Peddireddy, UNC student

Ann Baker

Joe Blevins

Keith Houck, OCDP

Cheri Bowers, Whitted Bowers Farm

Catherine Zimmer

Isabella Pallotto, Orange County Democrats

Pamela Swanson, Orange County Democrats

Katrina Wesson

Christine Schalkoff

Donna Bergholz


Martin Feinstein

Olivia Raufman

Jennifer Selvidge

Tom Trueblood

Harriet Solomon

Sam Anderson

Chase Latour

Mary Figgatt

Margaret Lillie

Diana Montgomery, OCDP Efland Precinct

Alexandra Allman, Third Vice Chair, Orange County Democratic Party

Michelle Larkin

Brent Larkin

Mary C. Kaiser

Anne Wander

Margaret Brown

Nancy Duffner

Kim Talikoff

Shereese Alston

Cindy Morton-Rose

A Chapel Hill resident

Vivian Olkin

James Foushee, Sr.

Opal Patel

Terry Vance

Allison Worthy

Gordon Whitaker

Joey Fink

Juhi Modi, CEF volunteer

Chinwendu Achonu

Lilly Whalen, Northside neighbor

Aislinn Whalen

Carl and Kathleen Hoffman

Theo Egan, UNC student

Robin smith

David Dixon, UNC Department of City and Regional Planning

Kate Milner

Allason Leitz

Eliana Alexander

Martin Hall

Linda Seligman

Justine, Carrboro neighbor

Aubrey Bowers

Ryan Grimm

Ka’Tiera Truett

FI Demo

Sophia bowers

Sol Pederson

Katie Moss

Sonia, NAACP Housing Commission

Nancy White

Molly McConnell

Susan Morance

Diana Koo

Jeffery Beam

Dan Levine

Ryan Lavalley

Afifa Afifi

Edie Poole

Madeline G. Levine

Sue Goodman

Lyn Ferrara

Steven I. Levine

Lindsay Garrison

Lisa Garber

Ti Harmony

Mina Yakubu

Virginia Gray

Carol Marshall

Suzy Khachaturyan

Jonah Garson

Ken and Margie Broun

Yalitza Ramos

Peter Ransdell

Geoffrey Green

Sara Smith

Benjamin Blaisdell

Karin Yeatts

Lisa Dunn

Perri Kersh

Jeffrey Boak

Diane Chapman Willis

Mary Ellen McGuire

Steven Horton

Mandy Monroe

Amy Ryan

Linda K. Brown

Gayle Hartis

Robert Willis

Peter Bileckyj

Tiz Giordano

Aidan Malsbary

Sharon Kolting-Perin

Jennifer Lewis

Roshna Keen

Desiree Cho

Jacqueline Marx

Caroline Zarzar

Colleen Blue

Kiara Thompson

Karin Abell

Brooke Conklin

Michael Peterson

Laura Francini

Priya Sreenivasan

Catherine Fray

Eileen Anderson

Lexie Grove

S. Chandra Friend

Sherry Thomas

Jody Bennett

Nora Harrington

Abigail Grubbs

Elizabeth Whetsell

Kelly McArdie

Victoria Alexander

James Kennon Stuart Smith

Teresa Phan

Mary Kate Shapley Quinn

Gabriella Kluch

Chelsea Ramsey

Rachel Buck

Valerie Bateman

Mary Norris Oglesby

Kelly Allen

Rebecca Vidra

Ellen Royer

Caroline Green

Abigail Benson

Tina Craven


Mia Colloredo-Mansfeld

Tyania Pugh

Mackenzie Campbell Kopec

Katie Nicholson Maher

Olivia Jenkins

Kyle Gamble

Benjamin Knight

Carol Verner, OCDP

Jan Paris

Tracy Kilpatrick

Perry Smith

Kathleen Anderson, Breastfeed Orange NC

Allison McElvaine

Brian Turbyfill

Rebecca Townsend

Nicole Harmony, Northside homeowner

Julia Cunningham

Claire Paulson

Melissa Lunden

Laura Quinn

Family Reading Partners

Marilyn Carter

Linda Borkowski

Lolette Guthrie

Jane D. Brown

Ken Moore

Bill Balthrop

Sandra Williamson

R. Woodrow Setzer

Jesse Kaufmann

Charles E. Burnham, Ph.D.

Zoe Chernicoff

Garson Angert, OCDP

Susan Romaine

Andrea Vizoso

Jack Knight

Lynn Carswell

Douglas Everett

Dwight Rogers

Allison McElvaine

Cathy Cole

Rani Dasi

Janet L. Flowers

Carrboro Precinct, NCDP

Mellicent Blythe

Carolina Downie

Rebecca Cerese, President of Progressive Democrats of Orange County

Jeff Carmean

Susan Read

Andrew Bales, Tolars Vice Chair

Irene Belle Skowronket

L.M. Tonks, OCDP

Jason Sonnenschein

Katherine Wilson

Jan Paris

Glenda Jones

Anna Levinsohn

Arianna Bara

Wendy Greene

Jane Stein

Eve Meyerson

Maureen Corbett

Caroline Chen, Chapel Hill Youth Council, OCDP Rogers-Eubanks Precinct Leader

Maryann McCullough

Rex Mercer

Charles Mitchell

Vivian Clark

Anne M. Tordi

Becca Zerkin

Paul Offen


Elizabeth Gottlin

Laurin Easthorn

Dena Papazoglou, OCDP volunteer

Gina Burns

Geraldine Richards, Northside neighbor

Christine Schalkoff

Smith Construction

Lucy Austin

Beth Donahue

Joan Marie Holland

Susan Savlteer

Kathleen Smith

Bonnie Layman

Ivy Brezina

Lucy Vanderkamp

Vicki M. Hill

Kathy Atwater, Jackson Center

Kathy Klein

Doretha B. Foushee

Kathryn Wall, Jackson Center, Orange County homeowner

Bree Kalb

Sara Roscoe

Leslie Fuquay

Daniel Gulisano

Desiree Cho, Teacher at Northside Elementary and Community Member

Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town

Chad Bryant

Emma Beckham

Kelly Hogan

Frances de Usabel

Donna Parke

Annie Sullivan

Robbie Roberts

Jack Denniston

Shirley Geissinger

Natalie Boorman

Christen Campbell, Northside neighbor, CHCCS teacher

United Church of Chapel Hill

Mary Jenne

Ingrid Schmidt

Kathy Murray, United Church of Chapel Hill

Milada Anna Vachudova

Sharon Hanson

Mary McMillan

Leigh Bradley

Shawna Daniels

Lucy austin

Northside neighbor

Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Goldsmith

Emily Gvino

T. Powell, Northside Elementary School